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Gaming is a juggernaut. It is now the biggest entertainment industry and the number 1 entertainment activity for Gen Z. Despite this, brands and media companies have found it difficult to make a play in gaming spaces.

A new generation of games, platforms and technologies are emerging as the new social media for the younger generations - the place to hang out and engage with new experiences.

These changes are being driven by what we call The Metaverse.

What is the

The Metaverse is often described as the successor to the internet - a 3D experiential internet set in a virtual world. Think Ready Player One and Second Life. Although a real virtual, experiential world is some way off, we use The Metaverse as the term to describe this new wave of virtual experiences, technologies and platforms. We have our own catch-all definition of The Metaverse to capture the characteristics and types of experiences.

The Metaverse is the collective name for the many only virtual spaces where people meet up, play games, watch films, attend concerts & more

The Metaverse Platforms

Starting with Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox, a new generation of platforms are emerging that can allow you to make unique experiences to reach young audiences. These platforms are more than games. They will be the home of the next generation of entertainment experiences from virtual concerts to branded worlds and interactive events. These spaces have hundreds of millions of young people engaging with them all the time and provide brands and entertainment companies the opportunity to create meaningful connections with younger audiences.

As this ecosystem of platforms, creators and technologies advances, the opportunities within the Metaverse will only increase. Whether it’s shared game worlds, VR, AR, or assets minted on the blockchain, these technologies speak to a desire to build virtually connected worlds where audiences can come together with their friends and engage with their favourite content and experiences.

As these spaces become more ubiquitous, it will become a requirement for brands and entertainment companies to build engaging content and experiences to connect with the audiences of tomorrow. Metavision can deliver long term strategy and execution in the Metaverse.

We are always happy to chat so if you are interested in working with Metavision please reach out.

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