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The Metaverse provides brands and entertainment companies a new sphere to build meaningful relationships with audiences and new avenues to activate and monetise their brands and IP. From creating ongoing branded worlds to new IP generation, Metavision provides full strategy and execution in the Metaverse.

Worlds and Experiences

Work with Metavision to build custom branded game worlds and experiences for your brands and IP. Whether it is a Fortnite Creative map, an event in Roblox or one of the many emerging opportunities in Metaverse platforms, we will utilise our expertise alongside our network of creators and technology partners to build tailored experiences for you. Create engagement that players will love, in the spaces they already play and culturally embed your brand in game spaces.

IP Partnerships

Metaverse activations provide a unique way to leverage world-class ITV IP in an interactive and engaging way, as well as integrating into wider partnerships with ITV programming and inventory. Metavision can tap into the reach of the biggest entertainment shows and co-brand content to drive ongoing audience engagement in Metaverse spaces.

Metavision is also working on exciting innovations around how TV and Metaverse game spaces can intersect to attract new audiences and elevate partner brands through unique multiplatform advertiser-funded content. Get in touch if you would like to hear more about the work Metavision is doing with ITV.

IP and Format Generation

If you want to reach younger audiences, you have to go to where they spend their time. This logic applies to social media and this will apply even more so in Metaverse spaces. Metavision is developing new IP and content brands with this logic in mind.

As part of the ITV Group, Metavision works with ITV Studios and its network of creative labels to develop the next generation of IP and formats with a 360 approach across traditional media and streaming, new media and Metaverse platforms.

Digital Assets

The rise of Metaverse platforms like Roblox and Minecraft has also seen the rise of digital assets, skins and shoppable items. From new clothes for players avatars to the emergence of artwork NFTs, digital assets will play an important part in the growth of virtual platforms.

Work with Metavision to build out and deliver a digital assets strategy, providing value and ownership to audiences and growth for your brand and IP.

We are always happy to chat so if you are interested in working with Metavision please reach out.

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