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For Creators

The Metaverse will be led by user generated content and creators will be at the heart of these new spaces. It’s amazing to see how user generated content can push the boundaries of Metaverse platforms, creating innovative and unique experiences.

This is why we are always looking to expand our network of creators in the Metaverse, we think by working with creators within these communities we can produce fun, engaging and, most of all authentic content speaks to Metaverse audiences.

By working with Metavision, you will get the chance to work with commercial and entertainment brands to create innovative, large scale experiences which we believe will define the future of entertainment.

You could work in Fortnite Creative, be a Roblox Dev, creating in CORE or designing NFTs in Decentraland or on the blockchain. The Metaverse is evolving all the time and we want to work with people from established and merging platforms and technologies.

We are always happy to chat so if you are interested in working with Metavision please reach out.

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