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Metavision is the studio
 for the Metaverse.

Metavision is the studio and agency for the metaverse. We're at the intersection of virtual worlds and entertainment, building creative strategy and in-game, immersive experiences for brands and entertainment companies.

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Timberland Construct Design Lab

We worked with Timberland and Construct:10061 to start a new chapter in footwear innovation. We brought together cutting edge footwear innovators, and Beyond Creative: a team of best-in-class Fortnite builders to build the Timberland Construct Design Lab.

A collection of three entirely original Timberland boot designs each sitting at the end of three challenging deathruns. 450k players jumped in to reach the boots, and spent an average 18 minutes doing so.

John Lewis: Christmas

Christmas in the UK is a pivotal moment for brands. There are two names that lead the pack during this time. The John Lewis Christmas ad, and the final weeks of I’m A Celebrity.

This year, we brought them together. We built the I’m A Celebrity castle in Fortnite Creative, complete with challenges and trials. Players were then challenged to spread the spirit of Christmas, and fix Skye’s ship, from the iconic John Lewis Ad, Unexpected Guest, allowing her to leave the I’m A Celebrity castle and continue her journey.

The Void

With The Void, we stepped into the unproven ground of translating physical world entertainment properties, into metaverse entertainment properties. We took the existing Void gameplay formula, and opened it to any player daring enough to take on all the challenges the Void had to offer.

No longer bound by physical constraints, we could explore an entirely new Void experience that simply wouldn’t be possible in the physical world. An experience that players responded very well to, with the experience still being played now, almost a year after it’s launch.